Event Details :

INVICTUS 19, JD Birla Institute, Management Fest, Kolkata, West Bengal, 11-17th February 2019

Event Details:

J.D. Birla Institute (Department of Management) takes immense pride in bringing forth Invictus'19, the fifth chapter in our tale of ascendancy and excellence.In 2015 we hosted our novel management convention 'Invictus'. With our first endeavour, we forged a dent in the city's perception of management. In today's day and age where man is consumed by mundane chores, we flourished in igniting a spark amongst the youth that saw them voyage into uncharted lands in the quest for cognizance.Keeping in line with our institute's notion of growth and continuity, we sought to be more extensive and exhaustive in testing participants with Invictus'16. Adding to the scrutiny of the more commonplace traits of a manager, we probed deeper and audited students on traits such as perseverance, teamwork and discipline. In order to effectively do so, the institute contrived a more holistic event that tested each and every munition in the manager's battery. Contrary to other college festivals where either Management or Cultural aspects dons an ascendant role, Invictus'17 heralded a new outlook of the same in the minds of Kolkatans, for an amalgamation of Culture, management and Sports in such a scale had seldom before been witnessed by the city.Invictus’18 saw the zenith reach transcendence, quenching the latitude to reign as an example.
Steps were taken towards infinity, the reverberation are still vigorous in its own symphony.With Invictus'19 we wish to raise the pedestal higher than previously thought possible. Packed with a plethora of new events and ideas ,the event, as its antecedents, promises to bring about a change in the conventional impression of the constituents of a college festival.We thus bid you to hop on board and witness our opus augment the realms of rationality and stimulate every mind the world over with avidity for management and culture!

Event Theme: Perception

Event Dates : 11-17th February 2019

Event Departments: BBA

Events List: 32 +

Event Co-ordinators:

  • SIDDHARTH LADIA - 9830040118
Event Address : J D Birla Institute,Department of Management ,1 Moira Street, Kolkata - 700 017
Event Website :
Contact Number :9830040118
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