Event Details :

International Aerodynamics Workshop on Live Simulation on High Speed formula Cars 2018, Aero Engineers, Bengaluru, Karnataka, 28th October 2018

Event Details:

SESSION 1 : Historical Engineering Development of Race Cars ( 50Km/hr. – 430km/hr)
External Design – Design Requirement for High Speed Race Car – Aerodynamic Pressure points on Entire car
SESSION 2: Spoilers Aerodynamic Gravitational force – Winglets Down force for High Speed cornering at Tracks - Inverted Aircraft wing for Road grip and Control
SESSION 3: Barge Board Flow Diversion – Venturi Diffusers – Underbody Aerodynamics of Race car – Diffuser Effect at Race car Rear – Vortices
SESSION 4: Software tool -Meshing – Solution – Interaction – Post Processing –
Race car Engineering Design – High efficiency – Less Drag- More mileage -New Inventions – Cost Reduction –
High Speed – Control at Corners – Stability
All Branch Engineering Students who passionate on Automotive and Technology
Highlights of Workshop

  • India’s Top Automotive Industry Experts Will Train The Students
  • Scientists from Formula car Research& Development industry will Train the student
  • Software sessions by Automotive MNC Software Tool Developers
  • Certificate Provided With Scientist Authorization
  • Workshop Content Designed In Focus To Enrich Students Research Work
  • Platform To Develop Your Engineering Skills And Knowledge To Get Placement In MNC’s
  • Lunch Provided At Campus

Event Dates: 28th October 2018

Event Departments: 

  • CSE  
  • ECE 
  • IT 
  • EEE 
  • Mechanical 
  • Energy 
  • Metallurgy 
  • Industrial 
  • Telecommunication 
  • Aeronautical 
  • Aerospace 
  • Material 
  • Automobile 
  • Marine

Events List :

High speed Aerodynamics - Race Car - Winglet - Barge Board- Under Body Aerodynamics- Diffusers - Venturi - Spoilers-Meshing - Software Tool - Pressure points - High speed Design - Efficiency - Fuel consumption - Mclaren Developments - Ferrari Research - Redbull Technologies

Last Dates for Registration: 20/10/2018

Registration Fees : INR - 699/Student (Lunch provided at campus )

Event Co-ordinators:

Er.Nija WORKSHOP CONVENOR +91-9677803678


Accommodation Guidence provided
(Booking with Additional cost)

Event Address : Engineering Reasearch & Skill Development Organisation Connection Point, HAL Second Stage Old Airport Road Bangalore Karnataka -560017. India
Event Website :http://www.aeroengineersworld.com/
Contact Number :9677803678
Contact Email :contact@aeroengineersworld.com


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