Event Details :

GYAN MANTHAN 2018, Ideal Institute of Management and Technology and School of Law, Inter College Techno Cultural Fest, Delhi, Delhi, 30th October 2018

Event Details:


Main Motive: In this event the participants will have to produce advertisement of product in a proper way which is quite appealing to audience.
Advertisement theme: - following are the themes for the competition; you may select any one topic from the following:

  1. Shoes
  2. Mobiles/ Tablet
  3. Matrimonial service
  4. Fairness Cream for men
  5. Soft Drinks/ Mineral Water
  6. Online shopping site
  7. Deodorant
  8. Eco- friendly car
  9.  Food processor
  10. Washing powder
  • Number of Participants in a team: - 4
  • Time Limit: 5 minutes.
  • Team have to make new product name, punch line, logo jingles, banners, or any other innovative form can be incorporated. (Care should be taken that they are not offensive or vulgar).
  • Judges’ decision will be treated as final and binding to all.
  • Judging criteria
  • The entire event will be based on originality, execution of advertisement, logos, taglines, visual aids etc.
  • Team work
  • Ability to attract audience attention.
  • Concept of ad
  • Team work
  • Voice modulation
  • Ability to highlight the idea of product with minimum efforts
  • Overall presentation


  1. Theme of the Business plan to be selected from the following Sectors:
    • FMCG
    • Aviation
    • Automobile
    • Hospitality
    • Entertainment
    • Telecommunication
  2. Design the main plan and make a PPT identifying the main areas startup venture.
  3. Team size-3 members
  4. Analyze threats and strengths for your alternatives.
  5. Business plan will be judged n the basis of PRESENTATION, ANALYSIS, QUERY SOLVING ABILITY.
  6. Time Limit: 10 min for reparation + 5 min for PPT Presentation.
  7. Negative marking will be done if time limit exceeds.

Dance Pe Chance (Solo+ Duet)

Solo Duet

  • No. of participant- 1
  • Time limit is 3-5 minutes. Negative points for exceeding the time limit.
  • The participant is requested to bring his/her songs in CDs as well in PD (with the name written on that) to avoid technical disturbance and submit the same to the event Incharge.
  • The participant will be judged on his/her Choreography, Showmanship and Appearance.
  • Participant should get his/her own props.
  • Lighting of matchsticks, candles and cigarettes or any derogatory acts are strictly not allowed on stage.
  • The decision of Judges will be final and binding.
  • No. of participants- 2
  • Time limit is 3-5 minutes. Negative points for exceeding the time limit.
  • The participants are requested to bring their songs in CDs as well in PD ( with the name written on that) to avoid technical disturbance and submit the same to the event Incharge.
  • The participants will be judged on their Choreography & coordination, Showmanship and Appearance.
  • Participants should get their own props.
  • Lighting of matchsticks, candles and cigarettes or any derogatory acts are strictly not allowed on stage.
  • The decision of Judges will be final and binding.

Solo/Duet Judgement Criteria

  • Choreography and Coordination: In this category, Participants are judged on the type of dance they are performing, proper positioning, coordination, timing and flexibility.
  • Showmanship: Connecting with the audience, facial expression consistently, energy level, confidence etc.
  • Appearance: It involves Physical Appearance (costumes, Accessories etc) according to the theme of the song.


  1. Number of Participants allowed: Minimum- 04 and Maximum- 06.
  2. Time Limit: 5-7 Minutes
  3. The participants are responsible for their props and belongings.
  4. They are required to bring the songs in Pendrive.
  5. Decisions of judges would be final.
  6. All the participants must bring their authentic college Identity Card for entry on the day of event.
  7. Participant should wear proper costume & make-up.
  8. The dance should be purely folk. It can be any folk form from any part of the country.

RJ Mania

  1. Individual participation.
  2. Time to present on stage- 4+1 Minute.
  3. Limited entries on First Come First Serve basis.
  4. There are Six Genre to choose your RJ Theme:
    • Latest Movie- Summary& Review
    • Breakfast Talk- World News
    • Political Commentary
    • Celebrity News
    • Prank with a listener
    • Guftagoowith a Celebrity
  5. Participants will be judged on the basis of fluency, spontaneity, presentation, sense of humor, communication skills and interaction with the listeners.
  6. Decision of the judges will be final and binding.
  7. Use decent and humorous Language. No use of abusive Language.
  8. While sending your Registration Form- Mention your Genre and Theme of Event.
  9. Props to be provided at time of Event- MIC.

Logo designing

  • The logo should be simple.
  • There are two members in a team.
  • The logo concept should be reflective of the theme chosen.
  • It should not be similar to the logo of any Organization, Company or Society etc.
  • It should be conceptual rather than literal.
  • Judgment will be on the basis of presentation, Clarity and originality.
  • Time duration for designing logo will be 30 minutes.
  • The logo must include a Tag line.
  • Tools for Designing Logo: MS Office, MS Paint etc.
  • Themes would be given on the spot.


Candidates from any University/ institute /college pursuing any course shall be eligible to participate –

  1. Each participant shall be given three minutes.
  2. Topic shall be decided by draw of lots.
  3. Exceeding the time limit shall be a disadvantage for the participant.
  4. The candidate is free to use either medium Hindi or English exclusively.
  5. Registration fee for the event is Rs 100 per participant.
  6.  Any number of participants may participate from one college/Institution etc.
  7. The judgment of the jury shall be final and binding.
  8. The Socio-Legal Extempore Organizing Committee may alter/change the rules and regulations, at any point of time and the same shall be binding on the participants.

Fashion Show

  • Theme for fashion show “FUSION “(indo western style) open to the team
  • One or more than one entry per college.
  • It is a team or solo event. A team must have 3 members.
  • Teams have to bring their own props related to theme
  • Time limit for every team would be 5 minutes (Including walk, posing different gestures both).
  • Negative marking if participants exceed time limit.
  • A green room would be provided for the changing purpose.
  • Do not carry your own tracks, institution will provide background instrumental music.
  • Vulgarity is strongly prohibited. Any form of obscenity will lead to debarring the team from the contest.
  • Use of cigarettes, alcohol and any unfair means is strongly prohibited.
  • Teams will be judged on costumes, theme, walking stance, props used and attitude.
  • Decision of the judges will be final and binding.

Event Departments:

  • IT 
  • MBA 
  • Design 
  • Fashion 
  • BBA

Event Dates: 30th October 2018

Events List :

  1. Ad-Mad-Show
  3. Dance Pe Chance (Solo+ Duet)
  5. RJ Mania
  6. Logo designing
  8. Fashion Show

Event Co-ordinators:

  • MR. MAYANK GUPTA PH NO. 9910206676
  • MS. SHAILJA KHOSLA PH. NO. 9990053848
Event Address : 16 X, Karkardooma Institutional Area, (Near Telephone Exchange) Delhi-110092
Event Website :http://www.idealinstitute.edu.in/
Contact Number :9990053848
Contact Email :gyanmanthan.iimt@Gmail.com


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