Event Details :

Workshop on Biopolymer-Recent Opportunities and Challenges 2018, Vel Tech Rangarajan Dr Sagunthala R and D Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 25th August 2018

Event Details:

This training program will have multitude information and provide a strong in-depth knowledge to the participants on Biopolymers.
This program aims to provide focus on

  • Introduction to Biopolymers
  • Types of Biopolymers
  • Chemical properties of Biopolymers
  • Applications of Biopolymers in various fields like agriculture, construction, cosmetics, medicine and food.
  • Entrepreneurship opportunities and challenges in Biopolymer research area.
  • Companies working in this area.

Did you know this?
Many biopolymers are already being produced commercially on large scales, although they usually are not used for the production of plastics. Even if only a small percentage of the biopolymers already being produced were used in the production of plastics, it would significantly decrease our dependence on manufactured, non-renewable resources.

Event Dates: 25th August 2018

Event Departments:

  • Medical 
  • BioTechnology 
  • BioMedical 
  • Material 
  • Marine 
  • Food

Events List:

The program will benefit the participants, who are planning to do research and create startups related to biopolymers. For example bio-plastics, biodegradable antennas, drug carriers and biopolymers admixtures for eco-efficient construction materials etc.

Last Dates for Registration: Spot Registration is also available

Registration Fees :

Early bird

  • Fee for students: Rs 300/-
  • Fee for Faculty Members: Rs 500/-
  • Fee for other participants: Rs 750/-
  • After bird (After 23th August 2018)
  • Fee for students: Rs 500/-
  • Fee for Faculty Members/ other participants: Rs 1000/-

Registration Link

Event Co-ordinators:

Dr. N. Radhakrishnan, Event Co-ordinator,
Bio Incubator, Vel Tech Technology Incubator, Vel Tech Rangarajan Dr. Sagunthala R & D Institute of Science and Technology, 400 Feet Outer Ring Road, Avadi, Chennai-62, Tamil Nadu, India.

Event Address : Vel Tech Rangarajan Dr. Sagunthala R & D Institute Of Science And Technology, 400 Outer Ring Road, Avadi, Chennai-62
Event Website :https://veltech.edu.in/
Contact Number :
Contact Email :nrkishnan@gmail.com


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