Event Details :

One day National Workshop on Health hazards of Radiation and Advancements in Radiation Shielding Methods HRA 2019, Dr NGP Institute of Technology, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, 27th February 2019

Event Details:

Over the past years a great deal of concern has been expressed about the toxicity of lead. Human lead toxicity in children as well as adults is well documented. There are also reports on the need for corrective measures due to corrosion of lead sheets when lead is used for structural shielding. These shocking facts steered researchers to look for alternative anti-radiation materials. Other materials such as steel in paraffin/poly-ethylene, hydrogen, silicon or carbon, boron and depleted uranium were proposed for anti-radiation protection. These materials are not easy to be processed, relatively expensive and not abundant; some others are expected to cause cancer like depleted uranium. Based on the above mentioned facts, production of cheap environment friendly non-toxic lead-free radiation shields which provide less weight compared to conventional lead-based shields remains a challenging issue in radiation protection.

Event Dates: 27th February 2019

Event Departments: Civil

Events List:

  • Introduction of Radiation
  • Gravity and Cosmology
  • Sources of Radiation
  • Approach to disaster management
  • Causes and Effects of Radiation
  • Chemical analysis of Shielding ingredients
  • Different methods for shielding
  • Performance of High Density concrete in Shielding
  • Advantages of RST over Conventional Concrete

Last Dates for Registration: Jan 31, 2019

Registration Fees :

  • Students - Rs. 200
  • Academicians - Rs. 500
  • Industry and R&D Organizations - Rs. 750

Event Co-ordinators:

Assistant Professor

Event Address : Dr.N.G.P. Nagar, Kalapatti Road, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641048
Event Website :http://www.drngpit.ac.in/#
Contact Number :7418822110
Contact Email :chinnaraj@drngpit.ac.in


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