Chefpreneur 19

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Event Details :

Chefpreneur 19, KJ Somaiya College of Engineering, Entrepreneurship Event, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 2-8th February 2019

Event Details:

Bloombox, The Entrepreneurship Cell of K.J. Somaiya College of Engineering in association with KJSCE Symphony presents CHEFPRENEUR, a platform to explore the perfect combination of an entrepreneur and a budding chef within you. This is a competition which puts to test your culinary skills along with your sales and marketing skills (i.e. your business acumens). If you have what it takes to embellish your serving, get ready for a fair shake to bring something original to the table!

Event Dates: 2-8th February 2019

Event Departments:

  • CSE 
  • ECE 
  • IT 
  • EEE 
  • Civil 
  • Chemical 
  • Agricultural 
  • Medical 
  • Pharmacy 
  • Arts 
  • BioTechnology 
  • MBA 
  • MCA 
  • Commerce 
  • Law 
  • BioMedical 
  • Mechanics 
  • Aeronautical 
  • Aerospace 
  • Design 
  • Fashion 
  • Media 
  • BBA

Event Details:
The event will be held in two rounds.
Round 1 (Elimination Round - 2nd February, 2019): This is the elimination round wherein the teams will be shortlisted for round 2. The teams will present their dishes to the judges, along with a sales report depicting their marketing strategy for the final round, and will be judged on basis of the same.
Round 2 (Final Round - KJSCE Symphony):In this round, the shortlisted teams from round 1 will be having their own stall and will sell their dish in Symphony, Annual Cultural Festival of K.J. Somaiya College of Engineering.
Team size: 1 - 4 members per team.
1st prize: INR 7,000 + 40% of profit earned
2nd prize: INR 5,000 + 30% of profit earned
3rd prize: INR 3,000 + 20% of profit earned
Only vegetarian dishes are allowed.
Each team can prepare only one dish.
Round 1: Teams will be getting their dishes cooked from home.
They will get only 15-20 minutes to prepare and present it in front of the judges.
Deep frying of any item will not be allowed at the venue. It has to be done from home.
It is compulsory for every member of the team to be present during this round.
Teams will be presenting the same dish in Round 2 (during Symphony) which they have booked for Round 1.
Teams will have to make their dish presentable (All the things required for presentation should be brought by the team).
Teams will be questioned about their dish and their marketing strategy for the final round. A sales report is to be brought along with the dish (Format for the sales report will be provided 3 days prior to the Elimination round).
Teams are supposed to bring their own utensils which support the Induction Cooktop.
Judging criteria: Judges will be grading the team based on their presentation, taste, creativity of dish and sales report.
Round 2: Initially, 1 hour will be allotted for preparation and 6 hours (approx.) for serving and selling the food.Each team will be provided 1 plug point and a worktable.
Confirmation of workspace will be done on full payment of logistics fees.
Dish should not contain pre-cooked items.
Teams need to bring their own ingredients, cooking vessels, serving materials, cleaning equipment and other materials required.
Before the competition starts, all the ingredients will be checked.
Teams will have to bring their own induction cooker (cooktop) if required. No induction cooker will be provided by us.
Each team will get the cost price reimbursed for the number of servings sold during Round 2.
Judging Criteria : 30% on Judges score, 35% on profits earned and 35% on number of dishes sold. *Judges’ scores are based on taste of dish, marketing, cleanliness and presentation of dish.
What is the deadline for registration?
27th January, 2019.
For round 1, if needed, where will we heat the dish before presenting it?
The teams will be provided with an induction. All the utensils required (including the cooktop) has to be brought by the team.
On what basis will the teams be shortlisted for Round 2? The teams will be judged on the basis of the presentation, taste, creativity of the dish and the sales report.
How are we supposed to pay the security deposit for Round 1?
The team has to paytm INR 100 to an organising committee member, details of which will be provided after filling the registration form.
What is the judging criteria for Round 2?
 For Round 2, the judging criteria is: 30% on Judges’ score, 35% on profits earned and 35% on the number of dishes sold.
How will the cost price to be reimbursed in Round 2, be decided by Bloombox?
The cost price mentioned in the sales report presented in Round 1 will be referred and accordingly it will be reimbursed depending on number of servings sold during Round 2.

Last Dates for Registration: 1st February,2019

Registration Fees :

  • Round 1:INR 100 as security deposit which will be refunded if the team is not selected for round 2.
  • Round 2: INR 300 as logistics charges for the event in addition to the security deposit

Registration Link

Event Co-ordinators:

  • For any queries, approach:
  • Charmi: 9769396857
  • Baiju: 8767076522
Event Address : Vidyanagar, Vidya Vihar East, Ghatkopar East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400077
Event Website :
Contact Number :8767076522
Contact Email


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